Learning Sokoban

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Learning Sokoban

Learning Sokoban has an unsolvable level. Number 28.
There are two boxes that are in a trap. The right one on the far end
and the bottom left one, that can only be pushed into the wall coridor
without a goal.


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Yup, I see the same problem.
I guess you can send the author (Draku) an e-mail to ask for a fix.
(you can find the e-mail info if you go to the "view" menu and look under "Level File Description" -- or you can look inside the slc file.
OR you can look at level's download page.)

Alternatively, you can change the level yourself to make it solvable...
like this: (with minimal changes)

  Level: '28' Nr: 27 Collection: 'Learning Sokoban'

On a side note: it's unlikely but possible that the level was designed intentionally to be unsolvable. One might ask why... well, afterall this is a learning sokoban level set... and learning to spot/identify badly designed levels or unsolvable levels is part of the learning expereience. Wink

BTW, I found that level 17 & 19 are identical.