Bug in KEAS Collection

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Joined: 2004-02-08
Bug in KEAS Collection

In level ZEAL is one great Bug.
These Level is not correct.

michael steins
Joined: 2004-02-09

No bugs just bloody difficult.
My Solution has 2047 moves and 440 pushes (unchecked for optimization)
Mail me if you still haven't solved it.

W. M. Dekker
Joined: 2004-12-26

I read this message yesterday, Friday 8 april 2005.
So I started to look at this puzzle.
My solution, found in about 2 hours, has 1975 moves and 428 pushes.
I saved this game, just before the last push,
as "KEAS Collection Zeal.gam"
I installed this program in C:|Sokoban
The levels are then stored in C:|Sokoban\Levels
This level is then C:\Sokoban\Levels\Kepez.slc
Keas is the last variation in this level.
The saved game is then stored as C:\Sokoban\KEAS Collection Zeal.gam
Loading this saved game only works if you have installed this program also in C:\Sokoban

If anyone is interested in this saved game, I can send it to you as an attachement to an e-mail. (7Kb). Let me know.