Loss of scores/game status after installing new hard drive

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Loss of scores/game status after installing new hard drive

I put a new hard drive in my computer this week (backed up my Sokoban directory first of course). I reinstalled Sokoban, then moved the backed up files into the Sokoban directory, but now there are many levels that are no longer flagged as completed. Sad What did I do wrong, and how do I get the completed status back on those levels? I really don't feel like playing them all over again. Shok

W. M. Dekker
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I had something just like this. Not a new harddisk, but upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Saved before, and stored back all scores. I played some time, and thouht I was solving puzzles, I already solved.
I don't understand how this has happend, but looking in "Options", on tab "Folders" the paths were set to C:\User\My name\Documents\Sokoban\ . . .
(I don't remember ecxactly, but something lijke this)
Normaly for me was: C:\Sokoban\ . . .
May be, Explorer in Windows 7 is different than in Windows Vista.

Can this help you ? Maybe something like this in your situation?

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For new installations all user files are moved to "My Documents\Sokoban 3" or "Documents\Sokoban 3" depending on Windows version. Look in "Options" - "Folders" where the score files are supposed to be and place your backed up scores there.

The reason for this move is problems with the UAC function in Vista and Win 7.