Access Violations

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Access Violations

I'm getting a lot of Access Violations with the new version. Sometimes it happens when I'm playing a level, but most of the time it happens when I close Sokoban.

I click OK on the pop-up dialogs, but they keep coming, and I have to end task in Task Manager. Any suggestions for fixing this?

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Could you click "Tools" - "Export settings" and send me the generated file.

I would also like a screenshot of an Access Violation dialog. Please mail me these files.

Best regards

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Hello CellarDweller.

I had also access violations. The reason has been:
I have tried to use the program as a "normal" user but not as an Adminuser. Normal users don't have write access for the folders the program has been installed. However, the program wants to change some files in those folders (usually c:\program files\Sokoban 3\...)

I have done the following:
I have given my user full access to that folder. Maybe this will also help with your problem?