Advantages of a registered user??

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Advantages of a registered user??

What are the advantages for a registered user of Bjorn's Sokoban game?[/quote]

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After the 30 day trial, some features will be disabled. The following features are only available in the registered version:

* Live Update, automatically download new versions, levels and skins.
* Unlimited Levels, only 5 files with 1000 levels for the unregistered version.
* Unlimited Skins, only 3 skins for the unregistered version.
* Level Editor. Create your own levels.
* Possible Moves, shows where a ball can be pushed or the man can go.
* Quick Save, save good positions and restore anytime.
* Transform, rotate and mirror the level while you are playing.
* Change Optimization, drag and drop moves can be optimized on pushes or moves.

... and you get a warm happy feeling by doing the right thing Wink