• Posted on: 8 August 2013
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)
Blue 1884C1  or 1892D7
Yellow FFF700
Orange FF6D00
Core hack i sokoban/include/  for "page not found" /* BEGIN BK HACK */
*   Login required for submit
*   Comment box?
*   More on page 1. Level editor Skin Tool ...
*   Remove "Configure block"
*   Dushi 05 : 36 balls and goals count differ passed online validation!
*   IE7 warning?
*   No script warning
*   Hide this page from users
*   Test everything on small screen (last)
*   Test everything on explodern ver 8, ver 7?
*   Testa unsubscribe länken från discount-mail
*   Levels no script => crap
*   Lost reg page ?
*   Links page ?
*   PAD v4?
*   Forum, post level, large levels should have horizontal scrollbar ? (Later)
*   Skin voting (later)
*   Android page (later)
OK Snygga till startsidan.
OK Site Icon
OK  Remove FAQ from forum
OK  Sticky topics manually
OK  Style forum
OK  Convert old forum
OK Download
OK Ta bort "nn Reads"
OK Download link
OK Style all bullets
OK Submit Level - Help frames are too yellow
OK Lottery winners
OK Styla links
OK Small top logo on small screen
OK Set inactive users manually
OK Check if websites valid for skins.
OK Check if websites valid for levels.
OK Link to Manual
OK Support link to Manual:SkinTutorial
OK System Requirements
OK Awards
OK Mailing list
OK Logging
OK /download alias clashes with actual folder
OK Robots.txt
OK Fancy buttons everywhere
OK Email forum members
OK 404 page med redirect
* rm old_sokoban softlink
* mv sokoban old_sokoban
* .htaccess change RewriteBase /sokoban
* mv soko sokoban
* clear caches
* robots.txt x 2