Changing player name

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Changing player name

I've been using my real first name as my player name for years. Now I want to change it to the name I use here in the forums. But when I do that, my scores still say my real name, and I have to play the levels again to make it show my forum name. Is there a way to make all the old scores take the new name? I hope I explained this clearly enough, lol.

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You could change the name by using a text editor and do search and replace in every score file. But I wouldn't recommend it.

I think that "Rename Player" will be a useful function to have when the new version with online scoring is released.

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Please follow /changename - Changes your username (Permissions node changename.change) This is a very powerful plugin, as its not just a simple Nickname changer plugin.I can change nick name for my site sovinco recently.