Invalid pointer operation

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Invalid pointer operation

Hi folks!
My first post contains a problem...
Yesterday evening, I interrupted playing after finishing a level by closing Sokoban. So far, so good, I always did this before...
After a few hours, I wanted to continue playing and got the message mentioned in topic. Sokoban doesn't start anymore!
My Version is 3.1.2 on Windows XP pro.
Please help me to avoid a new installation...
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Invalid Pointer Operation.

Should I (we) uninstall and reinstall or ?

Thank you!

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Following the reinstallation instructions..
Saved applicable files (scores etc).
Deleted old folders
Used your registry cleanup file
Downloaded and installed clean program file
Clicked on ICON and I got this message:


FYI -- after reinstalling Sokoban.msi (which is stated to be version Sokoban 3.1 build 2) only TWO files are in the newly created folder:


No folders with music/levels/not even the original readme file are there -- only TWO files.

I then redid all of the above and in addition used regedit and removed all references to sokoban/used an outside registry cleaner/ cleaned all temp files etc) and downloaded the Sokoban 3.1 build 2 file from the homepage (after reinputting my e-mail address etc).. and the same thing happened -- TWO files only.

Now what?

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That is as it should be. Levels, skins and the other files are now located in "MyDocuments\Sokoban 3" or "Documents\Sokoban 3" depending on Windows version. Microsoft is enforcing this by making it hard to create files under Program Files.

Berta! Please check the shortcut you are using. Does it point to the newly installed Sokoban.exe.

If you can start the game at all, please submit a problem report. Click "Help" - "Report a Problem".

Let me know how it goes!

Best regards
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Yes -- the icon was directed to the new exe file.

I completely forgot to delete the Document folder Blush after the second or third reinstall.

I have just redone everything remembering this time to delete the document folder and I am back to 'normal' *as it pertains to Sokoban LOL.

Please accept my most humble apology and thank you for helping!