100k_Moves_Only 3, copyright by Vipul Patel

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W. M. Dekker
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100k_Moves_Only 3, copyright by Vipul Patel

Sad :cry: Sad Who is creating horror things like this Sad :cry: Sad
I started to solve this puzzle. I only moved the balls in the center to Goals.
Sad :cry: Sad Then I moved the upperleft ball to a goal. That takes 11789 moves !!! For one ball !! And it boring to do exactly the same handlings to get this ball to the goal. Sad :cry: Sad
At this point I used allready 95710 moves.
There are still 44 balls to go.
95710 + ( 44 * 11789 ) = 614426 moves, and the puzzle is not totaly solved then.
Exclaim :!: Conclusion: I don't get on. Advice: Don't start at all Exclaim :!:

  Level: '3' Nr: 3 Collection: '100,000 moves only'

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I think the entire "100K moves only" set should be skipped, period.

The level you've shown here is an "improved" version of the so-called pillars series that has been discussed to death on the Yahoo's Sokoban Group.
Don't want to go thru the same discussion here.

However, I think the Sokodeal set by the same author is worth playing.
It's a very nice set compare the other sets by the same author.

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Hi, W.M. Dekker, I see you have a hard time.

Try this solution

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 119149/24264/3876/2844/3876/16034
W. M. Dekker
Joined: 2004-12-26

Lol Thank you, Mark. Lol
I imported the whole solution into the puzzle. Animation speed as high as possible. It tooks 31 minutes !!
You solved the puzzle with only 119,149 moves and 24,264 pushes.
Amazing !!
And I have seen moves that are not neccessary.
I think, you did not solve this puzzle manual yourself, but I think you have a program that solved this puzzle for you. That's why I saw unneccessary moves. Am I right ?
Nevertheless: Solving this puzzle manual will take many hours, doing over and over the same moves and pushes.
Sad :cry: Sad And that's deadly dull, boring. Sad :cry: Sad
And that's why I am NOT going to solve the rest of this slc-file.

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More or less true. There is no solver in the world that
could solve a 100,000-move level. I simply used multiple Lurd
importing. This means I solved one box, copied the Lurd and
then paste it for all other boxes. This gives unnecessary moves
but the process is a lot easier.
Plus I had an instant move option, so in my case your 31 minutes would
be 5 minutes. I consider this kind of levels as a challange, so I
solved them all, but I needed a long time, even in this shortened
version of solving.

W. M. Dekker
Joined: 2004-12-26

Lol :lol: Lol Even less moves and pushes Lol :lol: Lol
Mark. Looking to the moves of your solution with 119,149 moves and 24,264 pushes, I thought, I now can do it with less moves and pushes.
So, to prove myself, I solved the puzzle once more.
The result: 104,684 moves and 23,456 pushes.
So: 14,465 moves and 808 pushes less !!!
I am waiting for a solution with less then 100,000 moves.
Who can do that?
Here my solution.

Björn: In Sokoban I exported my solution onto clibboard.
Here in this Forum I past them directly from clipboard.
So, I didn't insert Cariage-Returns manualy (or with the help of my Macro.) That means: Your solution for this problem works fine.

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 104684/23456/3600/2780/3600/14650