Other methods for registering?

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Other methods for registering?

Hi there Björn,

as a Sokoban fan for a long time when I get some spare time, I really enjoy playing some levels of Sokoban from time to time.
I have tested your "Sokoban for Windows" and I must say that I really like the features of your sokoban "clone" best, especially the possibility for easy additional level implementations, highscore savings and different skins.

Therefore, I want to support all your effort and are willing to register.
But as I can see from the registration page, registration is only possible via Credit Card/Share It.
Well... what to do if I don't have a Credit Card? Can I also send you the money via Bank Transfer (IBAN+BIC) or in an envelope to your home address?
BTW, I live in the EU... can I also pay in Euro... and how many Euro will be $16.90 then?


P.S. Thank you for your wonderful Sokoban clone Smile

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you can send money in an envelope. I wil email you instructions.