Unsolveable level on Humax Freeview set-top box?

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Hi to minglw!!
I finally managed to solve the 3rd of the levels you gave, I skipped
the second example because this one sounded more difficult
(and it was very difficult). Again I can't print the solution because
my software does not allow it but I will try with some of the other
software you suggested. I assume I will be able to do it again because
I discovered the key move(s) which were moving the two blocks
originally in the nest to the bottom left hand nests, this allows you
to manipulate the troublesome block on the bottom right which
was blocking everything (moved it down to middle right nest and you
can then work around it). Previoulsy I had been working with the original
blocks in their original middle column but I always came unstuck no
matter what I tried!!
As always it is relatively easy when you spot the key moves, the trouble
is spotting the keymove, I don't know if I tried it as a 'brainwave'
or out of sheer desperation!!
Anyway I am pleased I managed it in the end, and without using
as computer solver. I don't think the computer solver I have would have
solved it anyway as my computer run and out of memory on the
other problem I was struggling with.
I just tried it again and it was easy enough to replicate, I did note
that in the above description the puzzle was rotated in my mind so
left, means bottom, right means top, top means left and bottom means right!!
Anyway it was a very good puzzle and I will now try the one I skipped
(second in list of 3 puzzles).





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To minglw again:-

I just got the program you suggested from your message (great program!!), very easy to use and great features.
Here is the solution I used, there may be slightly shorter solution as
I just did it 'off the cuff' but it is a solution none the less!!
Proves I did it anyway!!


Start line: 2
End line: 10

Just solved:

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 288/90/49/36/44/167


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... there may be slightly shorter solution as
I just did it 'off the cuff' but it is a solution none the less!!
Proves I did it anyway!!

Just solved:

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 288/90/49/36/44/167

That's excellent!

Yes, there are better solutions:

Solution(pushes 80, moves 250, in-lines 49, changes 42, steps 44)
Solution(pushes 90, moves 236, in-lines 49, changes 38, steps 43)

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I am having trouble solving this level which is on a game on a
television set-top box (Humax) for receiving United Kingdomdigital television (Freeview).

Been trying for ages and I am stumped although I presume it
is solvable because I have had similar probs in the past but finally
got there in the end.

(Its about level 76 but I am unsure because it is on someone
elses box and I forgot to write down the level.)

Can you tell me
a) If it is solvable.
b) What is the solution!!

I just really want to know if it is solvable so I won't use the solution
unless I absolutely have to, it's on my friends box and he can't
get to the next level without solving this one, he has been trying for
weeks and weeks, I have had a several trys at it but with no luck.

Anyway here is the puzzle in the format that the download program
saves them in:-


That doesn't look right on this screen but it should work as when I
copy it back into a wordpad text file (where it came from) it looks

Many thanks in advance, my friend in particular would be very grateful
as he doesn't have a computer or internet access, just the puzzels
on his set top box which must be completed in order.

PS: He was not very happy when I acidently reset his box meaning he
had to got through about 70 levels again!!! :oops: