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W. M. Dekker
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I received your text file with the solution in LuRd's.
I imported them into the game. (That tokes a long time, about 10 seconds, if I can remember me.)
It was accepted as a valid solution.
I suppose this is the only way to solve.
18,693,894 moves and 6,302,124 pushes.

I started the replay of this solution, with the animation speed as high as possible.
It tokes 3 hours and 35 minutes to solve the first colon.
There are 6 colons with 26 balls, so the total time will be around 21 hours and 30 minutes.
Without animation, it’s totally solved in 4 seconds.
I do have Sokoban 3.0 build 3

Maybe the speed depends on the type of computer?
I do have a DELL Dimension 2400, 512 MB Memory, 2,00 GB Virtual memory, 1,22 GB Exchange space, with a processor: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 Genuine Intel ~2791 Mhz.
Running under Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600

I still remember me the first reactions of my family, when I told them, that I was playing almost every day the Sokoban game. And that there were puzzles, that needed many hours, even many days, to solve them, and there are also puzzles I can’t solve. They didn’t believe it. Just pushing boxes into there store. That’s what for children !! Well, I will ask them to solve this puzzle for me.

It’s enough for me. No more Fibo challenge levels anymore.

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Well, the fibo levels were constructed because of the
idea how to build the level in given dimensions with
the highes possible number of moves.
I gues we have found the limit. Six columns with 26 boxes
or one with 30. This should give a 20 MB lurd.

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I forgot exactly what the limit is for the max solution in Sokoban v3.

I think Bjorn said the solution limit set to around 50 MB.

So, V3 should be able to handle the Fibo 32 solution (which is around 53 MB) but will not be able to handle the Fibo 34 solution (which is around 139 MB).

The sole reason that I did the Fibo analysis was to figure out how many moves needed for the Fibo Hell 3 level. Of course, I was surprised to find that the growth was expoential.

Sometime ago, there was a question going around asking "what's the max number of moves a 50x50 level can produce ?" (referring to the best move solution of course)

I think the answer to that question is "Fibo Hell 3's solution plus some".
(unless someone can show a different level construct that generates more moves than the Fibo level construct.)

I said "some" because Fibo Hell 3 didn't utilize the entire 50x50 space, so some more moves can be added, but not a lot.

Fibo Hell 3 requires 415,229,612,734 moves to finish.

This is the Fibo Hell 3 level (NOTE: not meant to be played):


Title: Fibo Hell 3
Author: Dries de Clercq + David Dahlem + minglw

NOTE: to the best of my knowledge, the first Fibo level was created by Dries de Clercq and as such his name is included here.