level 10,18,20,22,24 in 81.slc

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Nirav Panchal
Joined: 2007-11-07
level 10,18,20,22,24 in 81.slc

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am stuck in the above mentioned levels.
I shall appreciate, if any1 can plz help me out to solve this.


W. M. Dekker
Joined: 2004-12-26

The solution for 81.slc level 10

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 429/47/39/34/35/210

81 slc level 18


  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 91/18/11/11/10/43

81.slc level 20

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 128/19/14/14/14/67

81.slc level 22

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 322/58/38/37/35/168

81.slc level 24

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 181/30/24/18/21/105

Your welcome.

W. M. Dekker
Joined: 2004-12-26

Mister or Misses Nirav Panchal,
I like to help people. But please, fill in your profile !
I like to know wether you are a man or woman, where you live, (Can be anywhere around this beautifull globe 1), what for work you are doing, and what hobby's you have.
A picture should be nice to. See mine.

It's just interesse.