Maximum 100,00 moves, Level 1

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W. M. Dekker
Joined: 2004-12-26
Maximum 100,00 moves, Level 1

My first try: 122,069 moves and 29,845 pushes.
My second try: 119,557 moves and 29,735 pushes.
Who can solve this puzzle in less moves ?
Is the title "Maximum" correct, or should it be "Minimum" ?

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The title is correct.
All Vipuls 100.000 move levels can actualy be solved
in just little less than 100,000, for example 99,990.
It is amazing how difficult it is to achieve that goal and how close
it gets to 100,000.
I and other players have solved all Pillars of wisdom in Mastervip
collection just little less than 100,000 moves, scarcely.