The Sokhard collection/Darcy Bursnell

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The Sokhard collection/Darcy Bursnell

Hi guys! Can you please help me to solve it The Sokhard collection/Darcy Bursnell.

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  Level: 'Darcy Bursnell' Nr: 2 Collection: 'The SokHard collection'

My solution for this levels is certainly not the best.
Given that there is a best solution (in terms of moves and pushes) for this level, I won't bother showing my solution. Instead, I will show you a best solution:


  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 302/92/66/58/50/186

Note that I say "a" best solution instead of "the" best solution.
There is more than one LURD combinations to achieve a solution that has the same number of pushes & moves.