COSMAC 8 "Swinging Ninja"

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COSMAC 8 "Swinging Ninja"

Is this level solveable? I'm working for days on this. The top part is no problem but the buttom there is no way to go around and push the one block up. If somebody can help me, the first 15-20 moves would help.
Hope somebody can help me. Thanks, Gisela... Sad

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It's probably better to show us the level than just refer to it by a level name.

Swinging Ninja

  Level: '
Notice' Nr: 0 Collection: ' test in C'

Here's the first sequence of moves to get you out:

  Moves/Pushes/Box-lines/Changes/Steps/Pusher-lines: 45/15/6/5/5/19

The rest should not be difficult. Just few boxes that you need to watch for the order of moving them to their goals.