Problem with Levels I Create Showing SOLVED - No Yellow Ball

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Problem with Levels I Create Showing SOLVED - No Yellow Ball


I created some levels based on some ones found on the internet.

In the drop down list, I do not get a yellow ball when I solve the level. When the level is solved, I do hear the "yahoo" sound. There is a green ball listed with the name of the file, just like the levels that come with the program, just no yellow ball for solved levels.

Why do I not see an indication that the level was solved in the levels I create myself?

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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You may show us this levels you've created, what do you think?

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The reason why you are not seeing a yellow ball, is that there is no scoring for files in the OwnLevels folder. You can use the "Copy to levels folder" in the File menu in edit mode. This copies the level to the Levels folder and then the scores are saved and you will see the yellow ball.

The reason for all this is that as long as the level file is in the OwnLevels folder, it can be changed any time and that would make the saved scores and solutions invalid.