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@ben I have solved both of York Shen's remodeled variants. The left sides were a little harder than the original, but not too much. Thank you for helping me to understand these puzzles better. Smile

Sokofan anupom
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I don't want 571 moves, I want 329 moves.

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Optimization by hand needs to be learned.

However, if you want to do via a computer, it's easy.
Just load your solution into YASC's optimizer and then it let it optimize.
For better results, you can get a better computer with fast CPU and lots of RAM, and lots of patience to wait.

Personally, I prefer to solve it and call it done.
For me, optimization is just not worth the time and effort and unless there's a special reason.

For this particular level, it's easy to achieve 331/100 and 329/102.