Haikemono collection

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Haikemono collection

Where or how can I play the Haikemono collection to publisch my solutions?

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Haikemono collection is not a part of this Sokoban clone/game. The collection is copyrighted by Jordi Domenech. Only he can submit/allow it here and make it a part of this game (the reason is the program is not freeware). As far as I know, since the update which will allow the program to autoupload solutions to internet, you also can not make an alienated slc collection to use for your self for private purposes. But you certainly can not share solutions if the collection is not made a "official" part of the game.

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If there are level updates,i always
download the levelzip first before i update this levels.
I found Haikemono collection in one of those zips
and add it to game and can play this collection.
It is now not a "offical" part of the game, but is
still a part of The Top Solvers list.
Haikemono collection is not the only one,which is
still a part of The Top Solvers List.