Level completion not registering on any game

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Level completion not registering on any game

I am playing Sokoban again for the first time in five years.
I installed the latest version (3.3 build 7) on a new machine. All my old scores and database do not exist, so I am starting over completely.

The problem is when I finish a level, the star appears next to the name, but the level is shown as not completed, as if I never played it.

Is there a fix for this?

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Do you mean that the star is gone when you return to the solved level?
That's weird because I just checked that it works.
If you open scores, can you see your name there?
If not, check Options - Folders that the paths are valid.

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The issue is the point at which I completion a level, the star shows up close to the name, however the level is appeared as not finished, as though I never played it. BY: cheap HRM assignment