How to measure Instagram Engagement?

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How to measure Instagram Engagement?

Hey Instagrammers! Are you worried about your Instagram engagement rate? Maybe you know about the importance of IG engagement. Let me revise my previous topic!

IG engagement is the backbone of your Inta business page, whether you are using Insta for memes, marketing of the brand, promotion of upcoming song or movie or anything in between. Engagement is based on the number of followers, likes, comments, and shares.

To increase Insta engagement, you have to concern about the tactics to improve the engagement. First, let me give you some suggestions to increase Instagram engagement:

• You have to focus on the number followers so, promote your niche as much as you can.
• Post consistently and relevant content.
• Engage your followers as much as you can buy live interactions.
• Use trendy captions and hashtags, which are used by a large audience.
• You have to focus on the stories and tag the relevant celebs and influencers to appreciate them so that they can repost your stories.
Now, let's move to the main topic. Many people are continuously asking about the method to check Instagram engagement. Now let me tell me to tell you the process:

How to Check Instagram Engagement?

There is a way to measure IG engagement by adding the total number of likes and comments then divided by the total number of followers and then multiply by 100. Now you will get the Instagram engagement rate.
Developers analyze the need for IG users and develop free web tools to check Insta engagement. Gramvio is one of them. Let's check out the process to get the IG engagement.
• Open your browser and navigate to the Gramvio.
• Go to the Engagement rate tool.
• Now copy the link of the video/photo/username to check the engagement rate.
• Paste it on the engagement tool search bar.
• Hit the download button and get the results.
I hope now you will understand the process to calculate the Insta engagement. Still, you want to ask anything. You can share your thoughts in the comment section.