benefit to registering, is there any?

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benefit to registering, is there any?

Post by doggiejunior »

Hi, is there any benefit, other than easing one's conscience, to buying the registered version of the game? Is the registerd version somehow improved, more features, etc? If so, what? The whole thing seems very fuzzy in this regard. Can any one answer? rgds P&J

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Re: benefit to registering, is there any?

Post by bjorn »

After the 30 day trial, some features will be disabled. The following features are only available in the registered version:

* Live Update, automatically download new versions, levels and skins.
* Unlimited Levels, only 5 files with 1000 levels for the unregistered version.
* Unlimited Skins, only 3 skins for the unregistered version.
* Level Editor. Create your own levels.
* Possible Moves, shows where a ball can be pushed or the man can go.
* Quick Save, save good positions and restore anytime.
* Transform, rotate and mirror the level while you are playing.
* Change Optimization, drag and drop moves can be optimized on pushes or moves.

... and you get a warm happy feeling by doing the right thing :wink:

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